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One-Click to Meet Your Needs - 「Touch to Unfold」Solutions Media

One-Click to Meet Your Needs
「Touch to Unfold」Solutions Media


On September 25th, Trio held a Touch to Unfold Solutions Media Gala under the theme of "One-Click to Meet Your Needs" at The Place Beijing. 14 domestic mainstream smartphone brands including OPPO, vivo and Meizu gathered to discuss the ground-breaking scenarios for mobile devices empowered by artificial intelligence semantic technology along with the unprecedented human-computer interaction experience brought by Touch to Unfold.

Mr. Yu Liu, the Strategic Planning Director of OPPO Color OS, delivered a keynote speech.
14 domestic smartphone manufacturers, 45 media outlets, and dozens of investors & suppliers gathered together across the nation for Touch to Unfold media gala.
Mr. Huarong Chen, the Technical Partner of Trio, elaborated on the original intention of Touch to Unfold.
Mr. Yuchi Ma, the Founder, Chairman & COO of Trio, expressed his expectation for the future development of the product.
Mr. Chao Qi (on the right), the CTO of Trio, in media Q&A session.
Trio’s staff showcasing the three major products & solutions to the guests and the media.